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Una Chair
Una Chair
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Una Meeting Chair

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Collection of office chairs and meeting chairs with die-cast aluminium structure, chromed, polished or painted. Seat and backrest made of an elastic and breathable mesh or of a combination of expanded vinyl and nylon upholstered with fabric or leather.

Side elements of die-cast aluminium fixed to transverse elements of the same material. The frame this way obtained is a rigid structure able to maintain its shape even under conditions of considerable stress, which serves at the same time as a specific support for the elastic mesh and the fabric or leather upholstery.

The leather or fabric is pressed onto a sandwich made of a central layer of high-resistance technical material and two layers of flexible polyurethane. The sheet thus obtained has a series of typical horizontal stripes and is a bearing and flexible structure under the functional aspect, fit to perfectly distribute the weight of the body. The leather covering includes an imitation leather back with predetermined colour combinations.
The nylon or elastic mesh has the same features as the padded sheet, but it also ensures full breathing and thorough air circulation.
The Soft version has the same structural and constructional features as the thin sheet, with the addition of a polyurethane foam cushion to which the fabric or leather covering is applied through a series of peculiar seams.

They have a closed shape and are made of die-cast aluminium with a chrome, glossy or varnished finish.

Lever for height adjustment
The lever for height adjustment is fixed on the bottom support of the seat and allows to move the seat up or downwards to cover a total travel of 10 mm.

The chair is also available with an optional tilting mechanism. The hardness or softness of the inclination can be adjusted through a knob placed under the seat, which adjusts the tension of a steel tension bar.

With four spokes (meeting and visitors versions) or five spokes (working chair version) made of die-cast aluminium with chrome, glossy or varnished finish. Available with wheels or chair glides of plastic material and a soft central element for use on parquet flooring.

Swivel system with automatic return
This special mechanism can be supplied on request; thanks to this system, the swivel chair automatically returns to its original position.