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i-Mesh Curtains
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With a specialized pattern for each type of curtain, i-Mesh is particularly suitable for waved curtains, roller blinds, or sliding types of window protections. i-Mesh curtains provide infinite, custom-made levels of visual comfort.

Customizable Features: i-Mesh is only produced in the form of bespoke panels, tailor-made to your needs. Tell us your preferred design in three simple steps:
Change the design: You are free to design unique patterns and meet all the special requirements of your customers. If time runs out, browse the designs in our collection and chose the one that suits your needs best.
Change the pattern scale: We are available to suggest the best possible i-Mesh combination, for example transparency or occlusion? We can scale the design as you prefer, denser to create more privacy or lighter for more permeability.
Change the fibers: We propose six basic colors, which are the natural colors of the fibers. White, black, gold, copper, brown and champagne: select a wonderful monochrome pattern or an amazing blend.

Technical Features:
Permeability: custom / tbd with the designer
Warranty: 10 years
Fire resistance: B-s1-d0 (EU Standards); Class A (ASTM Standards)
Maximum size: Unlimited