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Rigorously conceived, powerfully constructed, exquisitely realized, Kubico is the sofa as pure, unaffected expression of style.
Designed to be the perfect addition to the contemporary living space, Kubico has been painstakingly sculpted to reveal an essential form. A commanding, elegant presence, its graceful profile bespeaks an unmistakable sophistication—clear seamlines emphasize the refined geometry as tubular legs undergird the vigorous sense of proportion. With outstanding craftsmanship devoted to every element from the seasoned wood frame to the sturdy yet invitingly comfortable cushions, Kubico sets a new aesthetic standard.

The load-bearing frame is constructed of poplar heartwood and elm with additional connecting elements in poplar plywood. Dap joints unite the various parts of the frame with securing cylindrical dowels. The carefully selected wood is naturally seasoned for at least three years on the company’s premises. The seat webbing consists of elastic polypropylene and natural latex belts in two sizes, each with its own precisely defined elasticity. Belts 9 cm wide are fixed parallel to each other and perpendicularly to the length of Kubico at 20% elasticity; these are interlaced by 5 cm wide belts at 80% elasticity. The framework is upholstered with contoured sheets of resilient, CFC-free polyurethane foam (density 75 kg/m³), covered with bonded plush and polyester wadding. The removable seat and back cushions, fabricated from high-quality waterlily™ (density 45 kg/m³), are likewise sheathed in bonded plush and polyester wadding. Rear cushion flexibility is controlled by esoflex inserts, ensuring proper lower back support. The square, tubular steel supports are available in three different finishes: varnished in eight colors with epoxy powder paint, chromed, or bronzed.
The coffee tables in various shapes and dimensions are available with top in melamine coated panel covered with saddle leather, in smoked tempered glass, in Calacatta Oro marble, in black Marquina marble, in white-veined Gioia marble and in polished steel.
Waterlily™ is a polyurethane foam really innovative with some technical characteristics absolutely important: The respect of the ambient: it is the first polyurethane using water and/or carbonic anhydride as expander without using CFC and halogenated or other toxic substances. Moreover it has been studied in order to be mechanically and chemically recycled at 100%. Health – its opened cellular structure allows an high transpirability and enable air to freely circulate inside the foam; the warmth and the humidity absorbed during the contact with the human body are quickly dispelled avoiding the acarus proliferation and the allergies rising. Comfort – soft in its surface but at the same time able to substain the weight adequately, it adapts itself perfectly to the body and distributes the weight in the most balanced way, giving an high sensation of comfort. Duration – thanks to its own homogeneous structure, the tests made have shown that the characteristics of humid ageing resistance, of permanent deformation and the dynamic fatigue limit are the best in its category; this ensure a longer duration in time of elasticity and shape.