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1 colour (offwhite)

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High-quality skai® upholstery and covering material for demanding outdoor and contract applications, especially for boats and yachts.

Suitable for all kinds of upholsteries and coverings in the upholstery industry. Especially suitable for outdoor applications in the residential and contract area as well as on boats and yachts.

Design: Neptun Collection
width: 140 cm
length: 30 m
thickness: 1,0-1,7 mm

approx. 2% Nano-Hightech-Compound
approx. 10% PES-backing
approx. 88% PVC-Compound UV-resistant,
resistant to salt water, oil resistant, of low flammability according EN1021-1+2, IMO FTPC P8, BS5852-IS 0+1,
resistant to abrasion, weather resistant, resistant to disinfectants, crack resistant, durable, easy to clean