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Moulded plywood seat shell, chrome-plated metal frame, not stackable, optional row connector
W55, D54, H83, SH47

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The timeless ggw chair with its simple silhouette was designed by Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer in collaboration with designer Hannes Wettstein for Gigon/Guyer's conversion of the Basle art museum. Its speciality is the seat shell, which seems to be hovering above the chrome-plated metal frame. This brings out the best in the veneer, whether it's painted or stained. What adds to the chair's perceived lightness is the seat shell's tapered front and upper back, accentuated by its legs. Its even-tempered appearance, which seems familiar and natural, places it fully in line with the horgenglarus chair tradition and makes it easy to integrate with existing rooms.
The ggw was showcased on the Swiss Designer’s Saturday in Langenthal in November 2004.