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400/251 Copper Crisp
400/251 Copper Crisp
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Small size: 2440 x 1220 mm
Large size: 3050 x 1220 mm

HOMAPAL sheets are covered with a protective foil. It is recommended to leave this foil on the surface of the laminates during processing. Nevertheless, colour, colour uniformity and other quality checks of the sheets must be carried out beforehand. Due to the deviations which are specific for natural products metal laminates display marginally wider colour variations than normal high pressure laminates. As a result of the processes involved in the production of metals, slight differences in the appearance of some products are inevitable. Please observe that only products of one production lot (see manufacturing date and additional advice on the protective foil) should be used in one application.
The surface which is protected with a removable foil should not be exposed to light for long periods of time. This could cause problems in removing the protective foil. (Use a cover sheet)! The protective foil is not diffusiontight towards liquids.

Application fields:
Only for interior and vertical use. As the horizontal use as well as the use in humid environment is limited, we do not recommend it. More detailed information is available from our technical department upon request. The surface is resistant towards all household, solvent-free liquids.

Resistance to fire:
HOMAPAL metal laminates are - as far as correspondingly marked in the table - flame-retardant as to the FTP-Code annex 1 part 5, no. 2.1 (IMO-Res. A 653 (16)) and part 6 no. 2.1 (IMO-Res. A 687 (17)). They comply with the FTP-Code part 2 for smoke-density- and toxicity criteria.
The products carry the Mark of Conformity ("steering wheel-logo") as well as the U.S. Coast Guard approval number 164.112/EC0736/118.083 and are certified by See-Berufsgenossenschaft Hamburg and Lloyd’s Register.
In addition to the general processing guidelines the following is valid:
The fire reaction is affected not only by the laminate but also by the connection with other materials, the means of connections as well as the processing technology. Adhesives which are used in areas of type B and in connection with the isolation of cold-systems in shipbuilding have to be flame-retardant according FTP-Code annex 1 part 3 no. 3.1 and part 5 no.3.4 as well.

Hygiene criteria:
Suitable for use with foodstuff.