Product description

Derived from the original, internationally prized desk luminaire CARU, designer Matthias Pinkert thought up yet another variation, creating additional benefit: RIMA pivot!

CARU stands out as a peppy further development of the original luminaire. Instead of legs, it comes with a surprising mount for reception desks, bars, shelves or ornamental walls, persuading with a unique turning mechanism. The luminaire’s sleek body may be swiveled back and forth by an angle of up to 45°, sending the light beam in different directions. Advantage: the user has even more freedom of choice in terms of defining lightning conditions.

Easily and nearly invisibly, CARU may be attached to various boards (reception desks, presentation shelves etc.) using a clamping device or screws. Anyone looking for an elegant alternative to perturbing pendant luminaires or space-consuming desk lamps will be thrilled by the sophisticated finish of this fascinating design luminaire.

The possible fields of use are seemingly endless: libraries, wall shelves, art work or decorative items – virtually all areas or objects can be illuminated and thematically staged using CARU.
Result: Light and space, wherever you need it!

Technical specifications CARU:
Power Consumption: only 13 Watts
Power Current: 230 Volts
Illuminants: 56 LEDs
Light color: warm-white
Lit areas: 1-2
Rotation angle: 45°
Material aluminum: white / black
Size (length, width, height): 784 x 46 x 79 mm
Weight: 1200 grams
Color temperature: 2900 Kelvin
Protection Category: 2
Certificates: CE, IP 20