Product description

A simple gesture is all it takes to get hooked on the inimitability of the sophisticated LED luminaire AREA. It stands for fully alterable light – just like magic.

Again, designer Matthias Pinkert is responsible for the concept of AREA meeting both individual users’ demands and practical convenience. The principle is as simple as effective: individual lit areas may be drawn and closed like a curtain simply by the swipe of a hand. Sensors will detect the desired lit areas and will convert the gestures into light. The result: light, just the way you need it! The technical design dwells in mature perfection. Any detected lit area may also be moved intuitively along the luminaire. Furthermore, the light beam can be adjusted from an intense spot to a wide area, thus providing for an energy-saving, environment-friendly way of use.

It is a fact: modern working and living requires utmost flexibility in all possible surroundings. dreipuls AREA distinguishes itself by a modular, versatile character which will adapt to any given circumstance. The individual illumination units may be added up to a total length of three meters, flawlessly lightning even large areas.
The possible fields of use of the design-element seem almost infinite. The non-contact technique greatly benefits high hygiene standards (i.e. in a bathroom or kitchen) and at the same time emphasizes modern living aesthetics. dreipuls Area provides ideal light for both private and commercial use. Set up AREA in Offices, shops, trade fairs, or as a unique highlight in classy living rooms: the light element will easily blend into the existing ambience.

There is no doubt that fans of both design and technology are thrilled by the most recent concept made by dreipuls.

Technical Details
Power Consumption: 16 Watt
Power Current: 230 Volt
Illuminants: 24 LEDs / 60 cm
Light color: warmweiß
Lit areas: beliebig
Material: Aluminium
Size (length, width, height): 600x125x28 mm
Weight: 1200 Gramm
Variations: 600, 900, 1200 mm
Color temperature: 2900 K
Protection Category: 2
Certificates: CE, IP 20