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40 x 40 cm
Set consisting of 4 Relief-tiles (= 2 pieces of a shape + counter shape)

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At times relaxing and retreating possibilities are getting more important than ever, sound-absorbing furnishing elements are requested. With the new mural design RELIEF HEY-SIGN offers a modern and contemporary way to design walls. Concurrently these felt tiles naturally absorb noise and provide a pleasant indoor air. They contribute to the improvement of interior climate and acoustics without any use of chemicals.

In addition to functionality, HEY-SIGN focuses on a clear design. That’s why the new RELIEF scores with a refined design concept: It consists of 40 x 40 cm individual tiles. Five different motifs can be combined individually, positive and negative. By rotating the tiles, five basic motifs with opposite ones are resulting in countless possible combinations and murals.

Each single tile consists of one layer of felt whereon a circle segment as second layer is fixed. The material wool felt and the relief-like surface result in good room acoustics. Due to the graphic motif, the 40 x 40 cm wall tile is infinitely extendable.

Available Colours: 01, 06, 07, 08, 09, 35