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Standard door fitting | 250XCL01.130
Range 250 | Stainless steel
Giancarlo Raddi >
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Hinged door fittings-Handle sets >
Hinged door fittings-Handle sets >

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mirror polished

Standard door fitting
Flat roses according to DIN 18255 and EN 1906 made of stainless steel, consisting of:
Lever handle 251X... made of stainless steel (1.4301), solid, diameter 21.3 mm, length 153.5 mm, width max. 28.2 mm, with stepped shoulder guide and groove, with set screw M5 as additional fixing of lever and spindle, for optimal transfer of force to door leaf.
Flat roses 305.21X... and 306.23X... made of stainless steel (1.4301), round, Diameter 52 mm, 3.0 mm high. Concealed, non-loosening connection: Fixed rotating bearing of the lever handle and the roses, and in the door leaf dipping support pin.
Mirror polished surface
Designed and tested for the projects segment, user category to EN 1906 - Class 2 or Class 4
Category of use: Class 2 fitting with spindle 7 mm
Category of use: Class 4 fitting with spindle 8 - 8.5 mm
Durability: Class 7
Door weight: No classification specified
Fire resistance: Class 0
Safety: Class 0
Corrosion resistance: Class 4
Burglary protection: Class 0
Type of operation: U

Article no.: HEWI 250XCL01.130

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The new hardware range 250 impresses with its delicate look and feel. Its dynamic style is created by a combination of organic and geometric elements. Light is broken on the surface due to the linearity of the design. This creates a vibrant reflection, which emphasises the dynamic design of the lever handle. Fine radii allow for an ergonomic grip. Range 250 fulfils the Grade 4 requirements to EN 1906 and is therefore suitable for projects. The hardware also conforms to the criteria of DIN 18273. Range 250 has been designed by the Italian architect Giancarlo Raddi. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and is available with an optional satin finish or mirror polished surface.