Key facts

SlimLite® CS - Compact luminaire with aluminium casing and 8mm plug-in system
SlimLite® CS
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Furniture lights-Linear lights
Furniture lights-Lighting profiles

Product description

SlimLite CS 8-35W "srew-through", incl. mounting clip CS CM Metall, please order T5 lamps seperatly, plexiglass cover see below
SlimLite CS 259mm 6W
SlimLite CS 335mm 8W
SlimLite CS 595mm 14W HE
SlimLite CS 895mm 21W HE
SlimLite CS 1195mm 28W HE
SlimLite CS 1495mm 35W HE

set of 50
set of 50 SlimLite CS 595mm 14W HE
set of 50 SlimLite CS 895mm 21W HE
set of 50 SlimLite CS 1195mm 28W HE
set of 50 SlimLite CS 1495mm 35W HE

SlimLite CS High Output
SlimLite CS 595mm 24W HO
SlimLite CS 895mm 39W HO
SlimLite CS 1195mm 54W HO
SlimLite CS dimmable 1-10V
SlimLite CS 595mm 14W dimmable (1-10V)
SlimLite CS 895mm 21W dimmable (1-10V)
SlimLite CS 1195mm 28W dimmable (1-10V)
SlimLite CS 1495mm 35W dimmable (1-10V)
SlimLite CS dimmable 1-10V
SlimLite CS 595mm 24W dimmbar (1-10V)
SlimLite CS 895mm 39W dimmbar (1-10V)
SlimLite CS 1195mm 54W dimmbar (1-10V)

Plexiglass Cover
CS-PL plexiglass cover 6W
CS-PL plexiglass cover 8W
CS-PL plexiglass cover 14W
CS-PL plexiglass cover 21W
CS-PL plexiglass cover 28W
CS-PL plexiglass cover 35W

SlimLite CS Seamless "srew-through",incl. mounting clip CS CM Metal, please order T5 Seamless HO lamps seperatly
SlimLite CS Seamless 580mm 14W HE
SlimLite CS Seamless 580mm 24W HO
SlimLite CS Seamless 880mm 21W HE
SlimLite CS Seamless 880mm 39W HO
SlimLite CS Seamless 1180mm 28W HE
SlimLite CS Seamless 1180mm 54W HO

Fluorescent lamps Seamless
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HE 14W/830 ww Seamless, L=580mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HE 14W/840 cw Seamless, L=580mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HO 24W/830 ww Seamless, L=580mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HO 24W/840 cw Seamless, L=580mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HE 21W/830 ww Seamless, L=880mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HE 21W/840 cw Seamless, L=880mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HO 39W/830 ww Seamless, L=880mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HO 39W/840 cw Seamless, L=880mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HE 28W/830 ww Seamless, L=1180mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HE 28W/840 cw Seamless, L=1180mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HO 54W/830 ww Seamless, L=1180mm
LeuchtstofflampeT5 HO 54W/840 cw Seamless, L=1180mm