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Prince Chair
Prince Chair
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Prince Chair was originally designed for a competition setting the task of creating a chair for His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Denmark. Bound by centuries of royal traditions and yet a young man very much in touch with his own generation the crown prince lives a life full of contradictions. These contrasts served as inspiration for the designer. The seat is an allusion to the old paper cuttings of H. C. Andersen and gives the chair a comforting lightness and softness contrasting the steel framework. The transparency of the chair represents how the life of a prince is always open to public scrutiny. The Prince Chair sits cleverly between historical reference and prescient modernity.

Making this chair more than a drawing on paper has challenged modern manufacturing technologies using both water-cutting and laser-cutting to perforate the neoprene and felt seat and steel frame. The result is a refreshing alternative to upholstery. The Prince Chair did not win the competition but has since then taken on a high-flying life of its own. It has won several awards and is now part of the MOMA collection in New York.

W 100 x D 80 H 35/80 cm

Shell: Neoprene rubber with felt
Base: Powder coated steel

Base: Black