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In times of high-speed work and a demanding economy, many companies offer their employees collaborative relaxation areas like lounges and cafeterias, but few have explored the benefits of calm, individual relaxation. With CalmSpace, Haworth aims to fill this gap by allowing individuals a relaxation space to refresh, relax, and re-energise to be ready for productive activity. CalmSpace is a self-contained capsule where employees can take a power nap – a unit to dock into and recharge, so to speak. The solution comes as ever more studies underscore the benefits of short, regenerative sleep for all those overworked, sleep-deprived employees in today’s demanding corporate workplace. Ten to twenty minute power naps, the studies show, reduce stress and raise brainpower and productivity. Employees and employers benefit alike.

Each CalmSpace capsule is equipped with a single mattress. A combination of pre-set lighting and soundtrack cycles helps employees doze off into a resting state until they are gently roused from slumber. Red is used to help them fall asleep and blue to wake them up. Nappers can select among 10-, 15- and 20-minute rest sessions. The regenerating power of naps in a world that is increasingly cutting corners on sleep has long intrigued French designer Marie-Virginie Berbet, whose pioneering work is the basis of CalmSpace. Berbet, who initially studied neuropharmacology, presented a nap-pod concept at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2008. Orange, the mobile phone arm of France Telecom, was so impressed by the idea that the company hired her to prototype it together with Haworth.

This stand alone, “plug & play” power nap capsule, offers a standardised but flexible solution to rest

– User-friendly operation
– Ready to use: Plug and Sleep
– Small footprint: 230x150x207cm

In addition, CalmSpace can be disassembled and reassembled for workspace reorganisation or when the company moves.