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LAVIGO Free-Standing Luminaire
LAVIGO Free-Standing Luminaire
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Product description

- Performance level for highest lighting demands
-Optimised ratio of direct to indirect light for standard-compliant, uniform illumination of large light calculation surfaces
- Direct light component with edge light and light-guide technology for homogenous light exit
- Easy-to-reach, multifunctional operating element
- Asymmetrical beam (variants)
- Human centric lighting VTL for office workplaces
- Retrofittable with TALK module for luminaires with sensor
-Illuminated at the direct workplace or homeoffice

Product family


LAVIGO - The Principle of Simplicity

The clear lines and simple elegance characteristic of the luminaire design mean that these needs-driven, versatile free-standing luminaires cannot fail to impress.

- 6 different performance classes (6000 or 9000 lm) VTL ( 12000, 14000, 15000 or 16500 lm)
- T-model (2 x 15000 lm), U-model (2x 12000 or 2 x 15000 lm)
- Maximum energy efficiency through use of the latest LED technology
- Glare-free technology with light-amplifying CDP micro prisms, including Light Forming Technology
- Closed luminaire head with cover
- Future-proof thanks to LED Light Engines in accordance with the Zhaga Standard
- Separate switching or dimming of direct and indirect light

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H. Waldmann


Waldmann addresses the needs of new normative and situational demands in the office with its modular LAVIGO LED luminaire family. The clear lines and simple elegance characteristic of the luminaire design by Structurelab architect Jürgen Schubert