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The appeal of the living room programme Amineo lies in its clear lines and simple forms. Being combined with noble materials, they never look simplistic, though. Premium solid wood and face veneer appear in combination with high-gloss varnish and varnished glass, glossy or matt.

Formidable shelf units offer storage space behind sliding doors smoothly running in invisible guide rails. No visible fittings will detract from the clarity of the furniture wherever this is possible. Other than in case of many other conventional furniture programmes, where you can see four shelf supports each shelf board, the shelves and sides of the Amineo system are connected via invisibly integrated shelf supports. In case of large shelf units, in particular, visible supports often disturb the overall appearance. Moreover, Amineo is also characterized by technical comfort. Soft-closing return mechanisms, for example, will stop even large sliding doors gently and invisibly, so there is no noisy banging of the door against the end of the rail.

Both the wide choice of materials and the variety offered by the system are very special. Apart from the comprehensive shelf system, arrangements for the most various requirements for living can be created by combining the body elements, from the sideboard or highboard solution to the modular wall unit offering storage space and the perfect solution for home electronics.