Product description

ø 46cm | h: 35cm


Scraplight shades are made entirely from recycled cardboard boxes. All of our lampshades are handmade and therefore can vary slightly in shape + size.

Lamped with one bulb (incandescent, compact fluorescent or LED), the CONE Scraplights provide a smooth decorative lighting - perfect for commercial and residential environments. All CONE fixtures come standard with a black fabric cord with matching powder-coated ceiling canopy.

Scraplights are precision cut with a laser, then assembled by hand. Slight variations in color and corrugation pattern are a byproduct of the handmade process and make your Scraplights truly unique! The handmade different shapes and sizes provide an atmosphere in an area. During daytime the shades are dark and clean objects. When the darkness comes, the walls transform in a play of different stripes of light, formed by the corrugation in the cardboard. Old boxes can do just that, once transformed in the right design!

Scraplights are environmentally and socially responsible every step of the way. The ethical production of our lights is just as important to us as locally sourcing all of our cardboard. Graypants forms a team with a social work programs in the Netherlands and helps to employ workers in these facilities. Individuals with disabilities are able to learn about recycling while developing a skill working with their hands.