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Grape LECTERN 2 in Corian®
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Grape Lectern 2 in Corian® Glacier White or Corian® Nocturne comes with an integrated and elevated tabletop i black linoleum. Grape Lectern 2 is avaiable in one size with a width of 85 cm.

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The original Impact lectern 1 was first introduced with a front of recyclable corrugated cardboard and desktop in solid bamboo. It is an exciting, untraditional solution for delivery of speeches, hotel concierges and restaurant desks. We originally developed the cardboard front desk for fun, to exhibit at Building Green 2013. A very positive response and increasing interest in green products led us to introduce it as a standard product.
The show must go on. Impact lectern 1 is therefore also now available with a Corian® Glacier White front and optional height adjustable tabletop. It you need more space we have introduced a new medium sized lectern, big enough to accommodate, for instance, the Apple iMac 27’’.
Size lectern 1 small: H: 117 D: 50 W: 73 cm
Size lectern 1 medium: H: 117 D: 69 W: 100 cm

The Impact lectern 2 is the perfect frame for your speaker or host. It intuitively directs attention and through modular options, provides all the functions needed for successful everyday performance. Originally developed for Hotel The Square in Copenhagen, Impact lectern was our first-born in a series of lecterns. It can be fitted to act as a speaker’s podium with adjustable height and Corian® Glacier White or Nocturne (piano black) front. For the white lectern we offer optional backlit logo.
Size: H: 110 D: 62 W: 85 cm