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GlamFusion™  is a prefinished waterproof wallpaper,  with patent pending, that needs no waterproofing treatment by the installer.

A perfect combination of technical function and appearance, GlamFusion™  is the ideal covering for walls in contact with water and for damp environments.
GlamFusion™  is lightweight, making it easy to carry, and is ultrathin so it can be applied on top of existing materials, avoiding demolition works, thus reducing times and costs.
The enormous flexibility of the material makes it easy to handle without any risk of tearing and enables in-position trimming with a simple cutter, to adapt it with precision to corners, holes or plumbing units.
The texture, soft and silky to the touch, enhances the appearance of every architectural space.
Like all Glamora surfaces, GlamFusion™  is also made to measure through the company's Bespoke Design Service.