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Workshop stool – “Modell 111” and “Modell 112”

One of the main talking points is the relaunch of a workshop stool whose origins date back over ninety years. The stool contained visibly lathe-turned components and bears witness to the company's roots as a woodturner's workshop. Now, the practical stool is available once more as part of Girsberger's collection, in a normal height version ("Modell 111") and in a high version ("Modell 112").

Bützberg, 15.01.2018 – A particular highlight of the furniture to be presented at the fair is the relaunched "Modell 111" workshop stool. This stool is a foundation stone in the history of Girsberger: its current incarnation dates back to 1910. A patent from that year for the height adjustment mechanism documents the first key stepping stone in the company's evolution from its roots as a woodturner's workshop to chair specialist and furniture manufacturer. The height- adjustable workshop stool, made from oak, will be available as "Modell 111" for sitting at normal height and "Modell 112", a high version. "The reintroduction of this historic Girsberger model is not merely a retrospective showcasing of Girsberger’s tradition, it is also clearly evident that workshop stools are back in vogue," said Mathias Seiler, Head of Design and Marketing at Girsberger, when asked about the relaunch.
The stool is available in natural oak or a walnut stain. As well as the classic solid wood seat, an upholstered seat is also available, in any of the fabrics from the Girsberger collection.

Following on from the "G 125", which marked the company's 125th anniversary, the workshop stool is the second swivel chair or stool that harks back strongly to the company's roots. During the early decades, wooden chairs of all kinds were the main item produced by Girsberger – be they piano stools, work chairs or swivel chairs.