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Smoke alarm device Dual Q
The new Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q is equipped with two identification processes, thus achieving double the level of safety. It optically identifies small smoke particles before the situation gets too dangerous for people. In addition thermal sensors measure temperature changes within the room; in this way various types of fire such as smouldering fires or liquid fires can be more rapidly registered and securely identified.
Alarm behaviour can also be better controlled in areas with unavoidable disturbance factors such as kitchen vapours, dust and electrical interference.

The Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q detects smoke accumulation according to the principle of scattered optical light with processor controlled signal evaluation. The smoke alarm device Dual/Vds detects the build-up of heat with the additional rate-of-rise detector.
Both sensors of the Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q continuously measure the optical and thermal values in the spacial surroundings. An "intelligent" monitoring module checks these values and thus detects possible impurities in the air of the room. Soiling of the smoke chamber is compensated for by the drift compensation of the alarm device. That avoids false alarms, whereby a high level of fire sensitivity is still guaranteed.

The thermal sensors make the smoke alarm device Dual Q an optimal device even in areas with unavoidable accumulation of smoke, such as kitchens. In such cases the optical smoke detection can be switched off for 15 minutes if cooking produces a lot of vapours for example. The thermal sensors still guarantee reliable fire protection in the room. The function button is pressed until the signal tone is heard (after 2 seconds) to switch off smoke detection. The button can be easily reached in the middle of the device so that it can be operated from below with a broomstick for example. After 15 minutes the Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q then again checks the optical values in the room in addition to the thermal conditions. In cases of danger the device triggers an alarm.

The Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q can be networked with up to 40 further Gira smoke alarm devices Dual Q. When the smoke alarm device detects the dangerous accumulation of smoke or heat, a signal is transmitted to all further smoke alarm devices and an alarm is triggered throughout the whole building.
Thanks to its disassembly safeguard the Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q is also highly suitable for installation in schools, commercial properties and rental properties. The disassembly safeguard can be optionally activated on the mounting plate. Thereafter only a tool is needed for opening the locking machanism, for maintenance work for example.
The Gira smoke alarm device Dual Q can be checked manually with a function test. Here the function button is pressed for at least four seconds. The smoke alarm device operates correctly if the signal tone is heard after a short acknowledgement tone and the ring indicator is active. If the function button is pressed again (until the acknowledgement tone) the test terminates.

Gira, Radevormwald

Gira Designteam, Radevormwald
Phoenix Design, Stuttgart

Designauszeichnungen Gira Rauchwarnmelder Dual Q:
- iF Product Design Award, iF Design Hannover, 2010
- red dot award: product design, Design Zentrum NRW, 2010
- Plus X Award-Siegel, Innovation und Design, 2010