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KNX EIB System | Server
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Product description

The Gira FacilityServer offers sophisticated solutions for centralised control of the all of the building technology and is specially designed for the stringent demands of the commercial sector. It can be used to monitor, operate and program the entire KNX/EIB installation and to link all the parts of a building to one another. In addition, is serves as a gateway for other facility systems, to which it provides consumption and operating data. Since the Gira FacilityServer establishes the connection to the Internet via TCP/IP, access to building management is also possible from outside, and not just via the PC, but also with all Internet-capable devices, e.g. a PDA and Web-TV. The Gira FacilityServer is supplied in a 19" insert with aluminium trim plate for installation in a 19" rack, but can also be used as a standalone device.

Areas of application
The Gira FacilityServer offers the complete functional range of the Gira HomeServer 3 and is equipped with considerably more memory for use in the commercial sector. This ensures that considerably larger amounts of data can be saved and more complex extensive visualisations created. In addition it is possible to interconnect several Gira FacilityServer units, so that buildings that are separated from one other can be linked to one other without problems. This means that local and higher-level applications can be coordinated in a complex way.

The Gira FacilityServer takes over the monitoring and control of the entire KNX/EIB installation in commercial facilities. It interconnects the various functions and facilities, combines their functions and stores all the consumption and operating data. Repeating sequences can be automated and processes optimised. The intelligent control of the Gira FacilityServer guarantees optimum working conditions at all times and helps to relieve the personnel. However, the state of the building technology can also be viewed comfortably from the PC workplace either as a whole or for a specific floor or an open-plan office and changed directly.

Intelligent energy management is of particular importance in the commercial sector, since it allows capacity to be saved and operating costs to be reduced. The Gira FacilityServer allows requirement-oriented control of heating, cooling and lighting that can be defined individually for each room via time and use profiles. This ensures that power is only used when it is actually needed. This not only lowers consumption, but also ensures optimum working conditions and time savings via automated processes. The Gira FacilityServer can also monitor complex technical facilities and contribute decisively to process optimisation through economy. In the process it documents all the consumption and operating data, thus providing extensive material for further optimisation of energy management.

Security is extraordinarily important in the commercial sector, because high-quality equipment and large facilities have to be protected and business secrets kept. The Gira FacilityServer ensures security on the highest level. Detectors and sensors as well as IP cameras can be interconnected through it. They monitor the entire building on the inside and outside as well as the technical facilities. If they register an irregularity or danger, the Gira FacilityServer then triggers an alarm and takes the first countermeasures. In the case of leakage, overheating or violation of the limits, a detailed fault message is displayed immediately, for example on the PC monitor. The system thus offers the possibility to respond rapidly to problems before greater damage occurs.

Flash memory: 2 GB
19" rack housing
Dimensions: W × H × D
483 × 88 × 270 mm
[available separately]: USB-ISDN adapter

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With the Gira HomeServer and the FacilityServer the entire spectrum of both private and commercial building technology can be regulated and controlled multi-functionally and complex system and process monitoring can be set up.