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Imagine living in a place where the weather doesn’t matter. A place where you can be warm and cosy or cool and fresh, where the climate and ventilation is so perfectly controlled that you don’t even notice the temperature or the systems that control it – but you know that you’re happy to be there. The integrated heating and cooling programs in the Gira room temperature controller not only ensure that your home is kept at exactly the right temperature – they are also the smartest way to control individual rooms in line with your needs while keeping costs down and reducing your consumption of valuable natural resources while you’re away or not using a particular space.

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Warm. Cool. Or somewhere in between? The most comfortable temperature is the temperature we don’t notice at all – and that’s exactly the temperature our homes should be at when we return. The Gira room temperature controllers timer warms your living room to your desired temperature before you get home. Via the Gira eNet SMART HOME wireless system, you can also control your radiators wirelessly. The system is quick and easy to retrofit in old and new properties. The system is controlled using the intuitive Gira G1 operating element mounted on your wall, or remotely via the Gira eNet SMART HOME app. Automatic climate control ensures that your living space is kept at the right temperature even when you’re not there. The Gira hygrostat prevents mould formation with automatic humidity and ventilation control. You decide when to heat your home – and save energy in the process


Heating and Temperature | Room temperature controller with NC contact | 1-way switch and control light, anthracite (including E2)

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