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With its perfect surfaces and harmonious rounded corners, the Gira ClassiX design line sets new standards for stylish modern and classic interiors in an exclusive design. Frame variants in glossy gold brass, brushed bronze or glossy silver chrome are available to match the ambiance, either fully in metal or combined with black or cream white inserts. In the ClassiX Art design line, the elegant frames are also finished with artistic detailing. The delicate, lasered-in details create attractive accents.

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Add a glamorous finishing touch to your stylish interior with the Gira ClassiX design line. With perfectly smooth surfaces, rounded corners and brass or bronze frames, the ClassiX design line will blend in seamlessly with your interior style. Sometimes, more is more. Especially with the ClassiX Art. The elegant frames are adorned with detail to create stylish ornamental works of art. Sophisticated details add striking accents to your walls.


ClassiX | Socket outlet Brass cream white

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