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Amazonia Floor sculpture
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Phytomorphic floor sculpture composed of white glazed ceramic modules with adjustable internal metal core. Suitable for the living room such as a winter garden, Amazonia has a ceramic base whose organic shape is designed to allow the combination of multiple stems to create a single element, a domestic forest. The sculpture is available in two different heights.


This year, the Atmosphere collection is enriched with author's pieces, such as the Amazonia sculpture signed by the artist Roberto Cambi. Specialised in the creation of ceramic works, the artist experimented with Giorgetti new creative frontiers giving life to unexpected shapes.
Amazonia is inspired by an extraordinary flower, with an intense and inebriating perfume, which grows in the Amazon rainforest: this species intertwines the roots to prepare for the flowering process taking place only once in its lifetime. Following an ancient custom, the Yanomami tribe uses these roots to tie children’s hair. This ritual takes place every year to strengthen the deep bond between man and nature.
A modular floor sculpture was realised from the magic of this flower: the organic shape of the base allows the combination of multiple pieces to create a home forest. Suitable both for the indoor and the outdoor, Amazonia is made of white glazed ceramic with a metal core. Giorgetti plays with materials and craftsmanship to create new and unexpected elements.
Amazonia is a tribute to the beauty and magic of nature.