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Pivot T48 Coffee table
Pivot T48
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Brass patinated
Ø 120 X 40 (H) glass 15mm

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Structured around a metal crossbar, with zero screws and minimal fixtures, this table can be redrawn in many different dimensions and materials to fit your needs. Crossing stainless steel frames, connected by cast metal elements, create the structure for this glass table. The square tubing is available in either 3 × 3 cm (T48/3) or 4 × 4 cm (T48/4) sizes. The glass tabletop, available in 15 mm or 24 mm thickness, rests upon cast metal mounts, available in 4 different styles.

The Pivot series
With this series being structured around a T-bar or crossbar, zero screws and minimal fixtures are in play. Instead, everything centres on a single mathematically driven construct. Peter Ghyczy describes the Pivot Series as having design principles that are not unlike a deck of cards, where a simple slit and slide mechanism can make for the most pivotal construct. Once again, contrasting and unconventional design come together to create something very functional.