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Pivot T3456 Dining table
Pivot T3456
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Product description

frame Ristretto
top Oak nature
B.93 x L.250 x H.75 cm

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A markedly signature piece, this design features two solid, wooden oak planks that appear to be floating. The beauty behind this design is its capacity to withstand anything, including its ability to dismantle. Able to be separated into four pieces, it is perfect for spaces that require maneuvering around odd passages or staircases. Two solid oak planks are used to create dining tables of exceptional length and lightness. The natural beauty of the wood stands in unexpected contrast to the industrial look of the supporting construction. Each plank is crafted out of a single piece of wood. Natural dried over 3 years before made into a table. Frame made of 3 x 3 cm tubes. Table top in natural dried solid 3 cm oak wood planks, width about 45 cm, oil finish. Natural wood characteristics like size deviatians, cracks and knots possible. Also available in a beautiful and strong, white Alabaster glass. Beyond the standard models, custom fabrication, tailored to the customer’s needs, available upon request.

The Pivot series
With this series being structured around a T-bar or crossbar, zero screws and minimal fixtures are in play. Instead, everything centres on a single mathematically driven construct. Peter Ghyczy describes the Pivot Series as having design principles that are not unlike a deck of cards, where a simple slit and slide mechanism can make for the most pivotal construct. Once again, contrasting and unconventional design come together to create something very functional.