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Natural stone panels from Gani Marble Tiles

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Statuario Calacatta marble is a precious variety of Italian marble from Carrara. It was used since the Reinassance for the creation of luxury interiors. The undeniable beauty of this precious stone makes it one of the most used marbles for quality projects. The particularity of Calacatta marble is its pure white background passed through by light grey and creamy veins. This marble,with its light colors and sinuous veins, is able to create warm atmospheres. It can be combined with many other precious stones such as black, pink, green and red marbles.



Find big blocks of high quality marbles is always very difficult, but the feeling when standing in front of a large continuous surface of marble is always magic. The big slabs in marble tiles industry represent an interesting step forward as they represent one of those aspects which makes marble tiles superior than natural marble. Large surface of constant high quality marble. The bigger size opens to new and interesting kind of applications, according to the thickness they are perfect for furnitures: tables, kitchen tops, sinks and so on, and a great choice for wall applications, both interior and exterior. The big size (and the reduced thickness/weight) makes the big slabs an interesting solution for external facades, especially for ventilated facades.

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Part of the collection MARBLE TILES.
Manufacturer Gani Marble Tiles
Family Big Slabs
Architonic ID 1485993
Order number D81016202839BM
Year of Launch 2017

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