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Architonic ID 1338794
Year of Launch 2015



Everyone who has ever hosted a dinner party knows this phenomenon only too well. Sweating you had pushed settees through your flat to make room for your guests. It almost felt like you had redecorated the whole place. And then? Everyone ends up in the kitchen again. And you can’t really blame them. Because, let’s be honest, a kitchen can in fact be one of the most beautiful places in the world. You can converse at length, at the same time snitch the skewered shrimp right from the pan and eat the chocolate mousse as an appetiser. And as no decoration idea in the world will ever change anything about this party rule Marcus Fußstetter thought to himself: if the event should take place as planned, the kitchen simply has to come to the guests!

That was the birth of mevo .

On the one hand, mevo is just a simple kitchen. Sure – a really beautiful one, with its clear shapes, noble materials and high-end technology. mevo knows to turn every meal from breakfast to a dinner party into a celebration and forms the centre-piece of every apartment. Nevertheless – mevo is a kitchen.

On the other hand mevo is so much more than just a kitchen. Because mevo is mobile. And incredibly versatile. Its exterior surfaces can be easily replaced with new ones with just one click, and the necessary equipment can be combined variably. So mevo also impresses as a show kitchen, a catering island or as an exhibition stand. And in addition, thanks to the integrated filter, which eliminates almost all cooking smells, mevo is odourless. No matter where it is standing.

Thanks to heavy duty castors, mevo can easily be rolled to wherever you want it. And it doesn’t matter if you like to cook in a log cabin and prefer dark, noble woods. Or whether you welcome your guests in a space station and appreciate clean, polished surfaces. Because you can easily take off all the exterior surfaces with one click and replace them with other materials: from leather to stone, wood, corian and metal – mevo doesn’t apply any restrictions to your creativity.

For this reason, mevo gives its owner maximum scope as regards technology and yet is uncompromising when it comes to quality standards. This philosophy is reflected in the incorporated devides from Gaggenau and Bora, the aesthetic lamp from Occhio which can be pivoted by 360° or the cubic 600 waterstation from Rieber.
In particular we’d like to draw your attention the cooktop extractor fan from BORA which draws off all kitchen fumes directly at the hob. All that you will smell with mevo will be the aroma rising from the plates.


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