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SLF4R fabric laminated glass
SLF4 fabric laminated glass
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Fusion Fabric laminating gives you the opportunity to encapsulate a rich selection of fabrics within protective glass layers. Using regular woven cloth, delicately constructed textiles or printed fabrics combines the beauty, colour & texture of the fabric with the structural strength & practicality of glass.
Fusion Glass Designs can create large structural glass panels up to 2 x 4m, depending on the fabric.

Laminated glass is the process by which two or more layers of glass are bonded together using PVB (polyvinyl butyl) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) using heat and pressure. This process can be carried out using annealed or toughened / tempered glass of any thickness to create safety or acoustic glass in large panel sizes.

Standard thickness: 14mm - 52mm (3/10 - 2") depending on glass
Additional thicknesses on request or glass specification required.
Panel size: 2000 x 4700mm (77 1/10” x 177 2/10")
These sizes are subject to fabric widths as well as glass application and specification.

Glass is nominally 6+6mm glass + fabric and laminate interlayer. Glass can be standard annealed or toughened/tempered, and glass thickness can be increased to achieve required structural and safety specification.

glass type
available in:
Float glass - Slight green tint.
Low iron - Crystal clear.
Fabric laminates can also be combined with Silvered/Mirrored or opaque backing layers of glass for use as cladding onto other surfaces or substrates.