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Morrison Lever Handle
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The form of lever handle FSB 1144 is graced by being just as pleasing to the eye as to the hand. Designer Jasper Morrison lets our eyes know that this door handle is a hand tool for operating doors. Said eyes promptly relax and a hand takes over: the thumb falls into place, the forefinger finds its furrow; the hand makes to grip and finds plenty to grip hold of.
This is precisely what the Four-Point Guide to Good Grip drawn up by Otl Aicher and ourselves demands.

Single source
We specialise in hardware for major international architecture projects and aspire to provide systemic expertise covering all hardware requirements for the operation of doors and windows. We ensure that all components for points of entry and exit suit your own overall architectural design. Our one-stop-shop concept simplifies your planning, purchasing, invoicing and warranty management input.

Architectural hardware solutions
The FSB hardware programme embraces all components for system-driven door planning – and is certainly no random jumble of formally and visually disparate individual products. The FSB range includes door lever handles with standard, heavy-duty and fire-safety bearings as well as hinges, door closers, locks plus lock cylinders and, of course, window handles and accessory products such as door stops and finger plates.

Uniform material and finish
We strive to deliver uniform materials and finishes throughout the FSB range of door hardware for consistency of architectural and aesthetic intent. FSB has set global benchmarks with its breadth of materials and its particularly fine finishes.

FSB 0105 Silver Anodised Aluminium
FSB makes sole use of pure smelted alloys as provided for in DIN 1725 in its aluminium products. Its finishes are protected by a process of anodisation and, once they have undergone two-stage staining, are lastingly sealed against corrosion and the effects of light and the climate.

FSB 6204 Satin Matt Stainless Steel
An extremely corrosion-resistant and durable material that is particularly easycare due to the inclusion of chrome and nickel in the alloy and is ideal, therefore, for heavily frequented doors and window handles in constant use.

FSB 7615 Bronze Bright Patinated
We use a copper-tin alloy containing 92 % copper for our rugged bronze fittings. This makes them unbeatably corrosion-resist- ant, and gives them great tensile strength and hardness. The copper has disinfectant properties, moreover, explaining why it is a preferred choice wherever hygiene is of the essence as in hospitals and nursing wards. A specially developed technique can be adopted to artificially age bronze and lend it a very compelling patina.