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Under the isis brand name, FSB is launching a forward-looking all-in solution for electronic access management that is distinguished by its ease of handling and flexible scope for expansion.

Held in great esteem by architects and builders’ clients throughout the world as a makers of door and window hardware, the company is now using isis to marry the fine aesthetics of its comprehensive range of conventional lever handle hardware to the multifarious benefits of an electronic system of organising access authorisation. For market launch purposes FSB is initially presenting the isis M100 and isis M300 models. At the heart of the isis system series is the concept of unlimited scalability for diverse requirements: the fact that isis variants and components can be added to and combined at will makes for hitherto unattained levels of flexibility and is precisely what ensures the system is future-proof, thus giving rise to considerable long-term cost savings. Builders’ clients and operators who kick off with hardware for smaller buildings automatically acquire the means to upgrade to a system fulfilling the most complex of structural and administrative requirements at any time. Design, flexibility and security go hand in hand with the utmost in user convenience with isis.

Common to isis M100 and isis M300 is that their means of electronic identification is squeezed into the handle rose or beneath the outer backplate together with a mechatronic module and that actuating them does not require a separate programmer. Sets are battery-operated, hence rendering the laying of additional cables superfluous and making for the greatest of flexibility at the installation stage. Differing door thicknesses pose no challenge whatsoever, since there are no cylinders to be replaced. All this makes isis unique to the market, an electronic hardware solution with classic rose/backplate visuals for flush, glass and frame doors that can, furthermore, be combined with any of over 20 great looking FSB lever handle models in aluminium, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

isis M300 supplements the systemic features of its “younger brother” isis M100 with functionalities rendering it ideal for small to mediumsize buildings. isis M300 can be configured either as an upgrade for isis M100 or for initial installation. Card-based programming is replaced in isis M300 by LAN-based control involving isis access management software and a radio network made up of isis access points. This allows complex building structures to be manageably mapped and administered from a central workstation. The “doing the rounds” form of administration under which each item of hardware is physically programmed becomes a thing of the past as a result.

The isis access management software boasts intuitive user guidance and enables access authorisation to be assigned, identifiers to be disabled, office functions or time profiles to be awarded and amended and much more besides. The isis scanner serves the purpose of specifying identifiers, which take the form of either cards or key fobs. isis access points located throughout the building constitute 868 MHz radio interfaces that guarantee wireless actuation of hardware (online programming). Where radio coverage is not feasible for structural reasons or is not permitted by the operator, use can optionally be made of a netbook with an isis USB radio stick (offline programming). isis M300 can be run as a purely online or offline version or as a combination of the two modes.

Compact scanners enable motorised locks and door openers to be actuated, but can also be used for turnstiles, parking barriers and various other peripheral items in building automation schemes (e.g. lift or light control systems) both indoors and out. External doors can be secured using security apparatus built into the system. A double thumbturn cylinder completes the range.

Anyone wishing to enjoy the benefits of an electronic access organisation system and say goodbye to the drawbacks of “mechanical” keys such as their getting lost will be making a choice with isis that is uncomplicated, future-proof and, thanks to its random capacity for expansion, flexible.