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FSB ErgoSystem® E300 Shower head holder
ErgoSystem® E300
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82 8239 | 82 8260
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Inclusive design-Easy access showers >
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Inclusive design-Easy access showers >
Inclusive design-Accessories >

Product description

Proof that, as well as being an all-in barrier-free system from a single source, the ErgoSystem can in equal measure be operated single-handedly is provided by the new shower head holder. It single-mindedly espouses the FSB philosophy of safe gripping: its height, tilt and alignment can be readily adjusted single-handed – leaving one hand free so the user can, for instance, support him/herself against a grab handle. The retention mechanism is released without having to either rotate the hand or exert any force at all of note. Once the mechanism has been released, the shower head holder rests safely and as if of its own volition in the user’s hand. We also set store by unambiguous user guidance. The clear styling of the adjustment mechanism leaves no room for doubt as to how the shower head holder is to be operated. Like all other system components, this product is Ergo through and through, marrying functionality to fine-looking styling.

Product family


The ErgoSystem has established itself as a solution of the first order for barrier-free products in domestic and sanitary settings in recent years. Handicapped and elderly people rate the wide-ranging system highly because, as well as being an ideal means of self-help, it also boasts first-class looks. Underpinning our ErgoSystem is a hardware collection in a range of variants and lengths for all conceivable areas of application. It becomes a truly universal system, however, when used in conjunction with practical add-ons such as toilet-roll holders, touch-sensitive switches, armrest pads or shower seats with rotating, height-adjustable seat sections, all of which markedly raise comfort levels in the bathroom. They thus make it easier to perform a wide variety of routines whether one is handicapped or not.

We are constantly adding further new products to our ErgoSystem that complement the range in a formally harmonious and functionally consistent manner. The latest ErgoSystem/METRIC brochure details all the new items, which we would also like to present to you here.