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FSB ErgoSystem® E300 mobile hanging seat
ErgoSystem® E300
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82 8250
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Showers-Shower seats >
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Product description

Suspended seat for grab handles (length from 450 mm), with spring-assisted folding mechanism and grip hold at the top of backrest
Loading capacity to 150 kg

Being able to sit down in the shower is a great comfort enhancer. The new hanging seat FSB 8251 with armrests on one or both sides is a purpose-driven accessory that is a great convenience in the bathroom as well as delivering tangible benefits in terms of care. Its well-conceived design fulfils every wish as regards both looks and handling. Its slender, restrained visuals render it conspicuously inconspicuous: it does not impose itself on the proceedings like an item of medical equipment but, rather, reveals its functional credentials when used in a most restrained and compelling manner. As well as raising convenience levels, its foldaway armrests also serve the cause of greater safety: they provide support when a person sits down or gets up as well as during typical bath-time routines. Seat and back are made of kind-to-the-skin PUR and are ergonomically finished. A hygiene aperture has additionally been recessed into the seat. The backrest provides plenty of gripping substance at the top, making it easier for the patient to hold tight while sitting down. Its compact dimensions mean it does not project very far into the space and is hence conducive to greater freedom of movement in the bath. The hanging seat also has many benefits for care staff. As and when required, it can be straightforwardly removed and refitted elsewhere. Aiding this process are a recess in the backrest and a spring-assisted folding mechanism that returns the seat to the vertical position when not in use. Its flexible means of attachment likewise permits of a scenario whereby not every bath needs to be equipped with a seat, fitting being on an ad hoc basis instead. Its low weight in comparison with similar products marketed makes it far easier to carry around. Need-responsive usage of the hanging seat is rounded off by optionally available support elements for wall or floor fitting.

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The ErgoSystem has established itself as a solution of the first order for barrier-free products in domestic and sanitary settings in recent years. Handicapped and elderly people rate the wide-ranging system highly because, as well as being an ideal means of self-help, it also boasts first-class looks. Underpinning our ErgoSystem is a hardware collection in a range of variants and lengths for all conceivable areas of application. It becomes a truly universal system, however, when used in conjunction with practical add-ons such as toilet-roll holders, touch-sensitive switches, armrest pads or shower seats with rotating, height-adjustable seat sections, all of which markedly raise comfort levels in the bathroom. They thus make it easier to perform a wide variety of routines whether one is handicapped or not.

We are constantly adding further new products to our ErgoSystem that complement the range in a formally harmonious and functionally consistent manner. The latest ErgoSystem/METRIC brochure details all the new items, which we would also like to present to you here.