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FSB ErgoSystem® E300 A-Flex drop-down support rail
ErgoSystem® E300
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82 8227
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Product description

With A-Flex, we provide hoteliers or the operators of hospitals with optional service areas scope for flexibly and demand-responsively fitting spaces out with barrier-free components from the ErgoSystem to allow them cater to the individual or acutely changing needs of guests and patients. Cases in point are young guests in a hotel who do not require barrier-free aids in the bathroom or for whom such aids suddenly become necessary following an acute injury - at a winter sports resort, for instance. An additional benefit derives from significantly lower costs for the initial fit-out, as the spaces concerned are merely fitted with an A-Flex bearer plate and use can be made of drop-down support rails and foldaway shower seats just as in the standard scenario. The core component in A-Flex is a wall-mounted bearer plate (FSB 8227 0002) into which suitably prepared drop-down support rails (FSB 8224 60../8224 70..) and foldaway shower seats (FSB 8244 0001 and und 8251 0001) can be inserted.

Product family


The ErgoSystem has established itself as a solution of the first order for barrier-free products in domestic and sanitary settings in recent years. Handicapped and elderly people rate the wide-ranging system highly because, as well as being an ideal means of self-help, it also boasts first-class looks. Underpinning our ErgoSystem is a hardware collection in a range of variants and lengths for all conceivable areas of application. It becomes a truly universal system, however, when used in conjunction with practical add-ons such as toilet-roll holders, touch-sensitive switches, armrest pads or shower seats with rotating, height-adjustable seat sections, all of which markedly raise comfort levels in the bathroom. They thus make it easier to perform a wide variety of routines whether one is handicapped or not.

We are constantly adding further new products to our ErgoSystem that complement the range in a formally harmonious and functionally consistent manner. The latest ErgoSystem/METRIC brochure details all the new items, which we would also like to present to you here.