Product description

Korpusbreite: 740 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 570 x 1015 mm
Gewicht: 85kg
46" Hochformat

Korpusbreite: 890 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 684 x 1218 mm
Gewicht:105 kg
55" Hochformat

Korpusbreite: 1222 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 1015 x 570 mm
Gewicht: 125 kg
46" Querformat

Korpusbreite: 1422 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 1218 x 684 mm
Gewicht: 140 kg
55" Querformat

Korpusbreite: 1774 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 970 x 1680 mm
Gewicht: 195 kg
75" Querformat

MIDS Familie
Höhe: 1975 mm
Höhe auf Fahrwerk Indoor: 2005 mm
Höhe auf Fahrwerk Outdoor: 2021 mm
Korpustiefe: 90 mm
Sockeltiefe: 270 mm
Tiefe Bodenplatte: 480 mm
Frontseite: ESG
Rückwand: abnehmbar

Für den sicheren Transport über größere Strecken oder längere Aufbewahrung gibt es für jedes Mitglied der MIDS-Famile optional einen passenden Flightcase

40 2013 005 383.2

Product variants

Product family


MIDS media boards allow digital content to be positioned quickly and easily for presentation in conferences and showrooms and offer excellent opportunities for innovative signage and information systems. At conferences, in lobbies or administrative areas, at the POS, as a digital poster, for films, in sales areas: MIDS turns technology into a design element that is flexible and independent.
The unusually slim panels of the MIDS product family provide a basis for technology in a superb, neutral design and fit unobtrusively into any interior. The perfect workmanship and high-quality materials are also a well-established tradition.

46", 55" and 75" monitors produced by any manufacturer can be installed horizontally or vertically in the panels in the MIDS family. The monitors are positioned behind toughened safety glass fronts with an anti-reflective coating on the back which only allow the screens to be viewed. This therefore guarantees that the exterior is completely neutral even if monitors made by several different manufacturers are used. The steel frame all round provides support for the whole structure. The back wall is removable and thus offers direct, convenient access to the technical equipment.
As an option, the MIDS panels can be fitted with a concealed audio system specially matched to the panels. MIDS media boards provide every technical convenience while meeting the highest standards of quality and design.