Product description

Korpusbreite: 740 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 570 x 1015 mm
46" Hochformat

mit interaktivem Bildschirm
Korpusbreite: 1222 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 1015 x 570 mm

für Videokonferenz
Korpusbreite: 1422 mm
Bildschirmausschnitt: 1218 x 684 mm

MI Familie
Höhe: 1975 mm
Korpustiefe: 90 mm
Sockeltiefe: 270 mm
Frontseite: ESG
Rückwand: abnehmbar

elektronisch um 250 mm verstellbar
Höhe: 1975 - 2225 mm
additiv montierbar; Leichtlaufrollen D 100 mm
Standfläche: 570 x 1015 mm

für den sicheren Transport über größere Strecken oder längere Aufbewahrung;

Korpusmaße Flight-Case MI Standard
1490x430x2175 mm

Korpusmaße Flight-Case MI mit elektromotorischer Höhenverstellung

40 2013 005 383.2

Product variants

Product family


The panels in the MI product family provide sensitive technology with a protective housing in an attractive, neutral design. The panels are fitted individually with the components selected to suit their use and are installed as a complete system. As a pure presentation medium, fitted with an interactive screen or in an expanded design for video conferencing, the MI panels are child's play to operate.
External appliances can be added using standardised interfaces.

55" monitors produced by any manufacturer can be installed in the panels in the MI family. The monitors are positioned behind toughened safety glass fronts with an anti-reflective coating on the back which only allow the screens to be viewed.
This therefore guarantees that the exterior is completely neutral even if monitors made by several different manufacturers are used.
The steel frame all round provides support for the whole structure. The back wall is removable and thus provides technical staff with direct, convenient access to the technical equipment.

As an option, the MI55IA can be supplied with an interactive screen that is suitable for a wide range of applications including use as a whiteboard. Fitted with a camera, behind glass and underneath the screen, the MI55VC becomes a sturdy video conferencing tool. The two loudspeakers here are behind the front which is protected with a screen.