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Caravaggio™ | Matt P4 Grey45
Caravaggio™ Matt
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dark grey (Grey45)
Ø 550 x H 700 mm

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Since its launch in 2005, the Caravaggio range of pendants has become known and loved for its distinctive and dramatic figure. The distinctive red cord and the polished surface clearly highlight one of the most striking pendant designs of the 2000s.

The modest and unpretentious Caravaggio Matt model welcomes a new member of the family; the matt black pendant. The completely matt finish adds a rare depth and tangibility to the well-known and elegant Caravaggio design, imbuing it with a warm, cosy feel. Cecilie Manz’s love of grey tones is clearly expressed in the choice of colours. The delicate blacks, whites and greys are finely balanced and interact neatly with each other if you choose to mix the pendants in your interior design solution. The grey tones, which are named after the numbers in the NCS colour scale, are timeless and suit more-or-less all settings.

The Caravaggio Matt pendant consists of a metal shade with feminine lines and a more masculine chrome-plated suspension. The matching textile cable is well integrated into the design and adds a finishing touch to the lamp. Caravaggio Matt gives off a concentrated downward light illuminating both the suspension and the cord through the open top. The deep shade prevents glare.

Caravaggio Matt is available in four sizes: P1, P2, P3 and P4 - in white, light grey (Grey25) and a darker grey (Grey45) and for the first time ever also in black.

Suitable for incandescent light bulbs, energy saving light bulbs and LED.

Cecilie Manz’s universe revolves around her love of great paintings, and the names of her lamps are a tribute to her personal favourites. This lamp is named after the Italian Baroque painter Caravaggio.