Product Spec.
Flux modular wall panels consist of an outer wood frame with an acoustic absorber material, 100% wool felt and one or two layers of laser-cut Perspex acrylic for the top layer.

Panel options
Flux panels use either one or 2 laser-cut acrylic layer design with 100% wool felt and sound-absorbent foam held in a painted wooden tray.

Interchangeable design
A unique slot-in system allows acrylic layers in each panel to be rotated and changed to create different designs.

Acoustic properties
A 25mm thick non-flammable dense acoustic foam with optimum acoustic absorbent properties is incorporated into the panels. Wool felt has natural acoustic insulation properties

German-milled 100% wool design felt in 58 Pantone-Matching System (PMS) colors. A biodegradable and renewable material, wool felt is water-resistant, self-extinguishing, and its highly saturated and lightfast colors.

Perspex Acrylic outstanding clarity. high gloss surface. extensive range of colours available in any 5mm solid or transparent colours from the range.
Frames are in white silk lacquer finish, other colours to special order.
Installation Panels use a split-batten system for simple hanging, guidelines provided.

Panel size Max Weight
500x500x50mm 3kg
750x750x50mm 6.5kg