Product description

GREENWOOD JUNGLE (based on forest moss)

With our Greenwood Jungle it is possible to add cushion/bun moss hills, preserved plants as well as grass, wood or stone elements to the moss pictures. The “forest-like” texture gives each space a fascinating character, the perfect presentation of an indoor forest idyll or even jungle optics.

This option is a much denser design, where we add preserved plants, grass, and ferns to your Greenwood Moss picture, all designed according to your individual requirements.

In combination with smart lighting, this leads to a particularly impressive effect. Such installations are stylish highlights, for example at fairs, in beauty salons and shops, in wellness areas or dining spaces, or as larger than life artworks for showrooms


- Real forest moss laminated on MDF-carrier with optional hills (3D) combined with individual preserved plants, leafs and branches to create jungle optics
- Amount and versions of plants / leafs on customer's request
- Made to order, to customer requirements
- Excellent pattern repetition
- Standard sizes available, round and square
- Available in 2D or 3D
- Optional moss paneling on the sides (moss frame)
- Thickness (base): from 22 – 32 mm (0.87 – 1.26 inch), incl. the carrier board (12 mm / 0.47 inch)
- Weight: depending on chosen plants and leafs
- Sound absorbing
- Fire protection B1 upon request
- Assembly: Self-installation is easy with the help of our mounting and frame systems (except 3D installations). The individual panels can be screwed directly onto the wall on top of existing construction or panels.
- Delivery time: approx. 3 – 4 weeks

Credit: ECOwalldesign, Project: Beauty Amazona, Oftringen, Schweiz, Design: ECOwalldesign

Product family


Natural, evergreen, soundabsorbing and maintenance-free

We use only real mosses and plants for our green wall elements. We make sure that the elements are easy to install and that our customers are given extensive guidance.

The mosses used in our product lines Evergreen (reindeer moss), Greenhill (cushion / bun moss) an Greenwood (forest moss) are cleaned and preserved using a special process. As a result, our moss pictures and walls maintain their natural green colour and do not need artificial light, care or feeding. These maintenance-free moss products are mounted on MDF panels, which can be exchanged for fire-resistant, flexible or moisture-resistant supporting panels if desired.

You can also order the moss pictures and walls with moss frames and split battens. The moss frame conceals the edges of the MDF panels, while the mounting strips enable an even easier installation.

Upon request, you can order all of our moss products as a B1 certified (hardly inflammable) version.


. No upkeep
. No maintenance
. Sound isolating (up to 90%)
. B1 certified (hardly inflammable) on request