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MARANZO® | 3/5
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MARANZO® - seamless floor
The unique and lively MARANZO® floors from FRESCOLORI® give every room a unique aura. Surprising, innovative designs, far from standard, allow rooms to shine in a new light. At the same time, MARANZO® is characterised by a special material hardness that effortlessly withstands daily loads even in highly frequented commercial areas. MARANZO® is also the brand of our products for shower and wet areas. Due to the high material quality and the special texture of the surfaces, heat and moisture are harmless. Another special feature is the individual pigmentability, which results in an incredible scope for design. The seamless finish gives your room a special value and noble look that reflects your personal individuality. At the same time, the material is completely saturated and has an impregnation that makes the floor water- and grease-proof.
Awarded with: Plus X Award 2020/2021 for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use & Functionality; Plus X Award for Product of the Year 2021

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Brand story

Gerrit Terstiege


Frescolori has equipped the Hotel Moxy In Hamburg with its floor Maranzo with wayfinding system – creating both a solid foundation as well as architectural value.