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CARAMOR® | Structure
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FRESCOLORI® - Structure
Simple elegance, this surface made of single-layer CARAMOR® convinces with its tasteful design.
slightly open structure with fine pores.
• matt, pure appearance - without finish
• moisture regulating for a balanced room climate
• quick and easy spot cleaning with abrasive pad possible

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CARAMOR® - natural lime marble plaster
CARAMOR® - is the heart and basis of all our surface finishes. CARAMOR® itself consists of over 96% natural substances and supports a healthy indoor climate. Walls finished with CARAMOR® can "breathe", absorb moisture and release it again in a regulated manner. No sleeping smells, no steamed-up mirrors and a fresh, healthy atmosphere are practical advantages of open CARAMOR® application.
In addition, the plaster is completely coloured through. Dirt can be easily removed with an abrasive pad. In addition, up to 400 structures and 100,000 colours allow for endless design possibilities, so that there are no limits to your individuality. Whether refreshing and lively or soft and balancing. You decide. Take advantage of the robust and durable feature, enjoy the original beauty and look forward to a special living experience.