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Nuage wall/ceiling red
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Inspired by 1960s Optical Art, Nuage is an optical effect on the wall, a graphic grille which changes according to your perspective, a three dimensional picture that lights the room and the mind.
The modules that make up Nuage – with their irregular, organic shape – appear to be floating mid-air. The cross strips arranged at an angle designed to filter light with different effects avoid direct lighting: a little like the branches and leaves on a tree that shield the sunlight.
The simplicity of its structure composed of overlapping modules – and at the same – time the ensuing visual overall complexity will never cease both to astound and to charm: both when it is switched on as well as when it is switched off. Nuage can be used alone or multiplied to create different compositions with a great scenic effect, even covering entire walls or ceilings, at home or in public settings.

Wall or ceiling lamp with reflected and diffused light. The shell-shaped diffuser, made of injection-moulded translucent opaline polycarbonate, encloses and conceals the lighting technology components. The 5 pre-assembled plates of two different sizes are made of matt batch-dyed ABS and feature a click-in system with coupling onto the diffuser which cannot be moved. Electronic ballast, and also available in the dimmable version. Pre-marked outlets in the diffuser allow for the passage of an electrical cable for multiple configurations powered by a single power point.

Materials: polycarbonate and ABS
Colours: white, green, red
Brightness: diffused and reflected light
Bulbs: fluorescent 1x40W + 1x22W 2GX13