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Innerlight wall
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Can a lamp charm you even when it is switched off, thanks to the play of light and shadow that animates it?
Innerlight was conceived as a wall sculpture, which once lit comes to life and transforms into an elegant platform for the light.

With an extremely simple exterior, the result of careful study of the various elements which comprise it, the lamp designed by Simon Pengelly is composed of three overlapping bands, slightly concave and at different angles, supported by a translucent polycarbonate shell hiding the technical section.

Innerlight is a three-dimensional square which changes meaning and role when the lamp is on. The beam of light bouncing on the wall emphasises the outlines and delineates the shape of the lamp, drawing inspiration from the sculptures of Richard Serra. Thus, a refined interplay of shadow and shine is created, while the light spreads from the inside (hence the name Innerlight) from each of the three bands, extending in different directions. The light source comprising two fluorescent bulbs placed on different levels ensures good lighting in every direction, both towards the wall as well as along the tiles, producing a changing, sophisticated effect.

Innerlight is available in two versions: White, where the light in its purity is the centre figure, or in a particular textured finish which underlines its depth.
Ideal both for the home and contract use, Innerlight displays its dual personality wherever it is: wall sculpture and lamp, it's always characterised by its pared down, decisive style and its simple elegance.


Material: translucent polycarbonate and lacquered steel
Colours: white, brown
Measurements: 77 x 11 x 32 cm / 30 1/4” x 4 1/2” x 10 1/2”
Bulbs: Fluo. 2x36 W