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Forster thermfix vario EI30 | Fire-resistant curtain wall
Forster thermfix vario | Fire-resistant curtain walls
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Product description

Fire resistant glazings EI30

Weisshorn Gipfelrestaurant, CH-Arosa

Tilla Theus und Partner AG, CH-Zürich

Product family


Fire-resistant curtain walls

System for fire-resistant glazing

Slender and safe
Forster thermfix vario fire-protection: the comprehensive system for self- supporting fire-resistant constructions made from mullion/transom profiles, suitable for use as vertical glazings, as well as curtain walls in fire-resistant categories EI30 / EI60 / EI90 / E30–E90 / EW30–EW60.
Thanks to their excellent structural properties, it is possible to produce impressive element and panel sizes using extremely narrow profile face widths of only 45 mm. Combinable with Forster fuego light fire resistant doors and screens.

Technical details

Material options
Steel, Stainless steel, grinded, grain 220-240
combination of steel/stainless steel/aluminium

Performance specifications*
Fire-resistant EI30, EI90 certified in several countries, E30–E90
Fire resistance classification of construction products according to EN 13501-2: EI30, EI60, EI90, i<->o (E30/EW30, E60/EW60, E90)
EI30-EI60: single, double and triple glass, EI90: single and double glass
Reaction to fire of construction products acc. to EN 13501-1: class E
Classification from CE-tests according to EN 13830:
• Thermal insulation: Uf-values up to 1.0 W/(m2.K)
• Resistance to wind load acc. to EN 12179: 3 kN, safety load 4.5 kN • Rain impermeability according to EN 12155: RE1200
• Air permeability according to EN 12153: AE (>600)
• Sound insulation (EN ISO 140-3): Rw up to 45 dB
• Impact resistance according to EN 14019: E5 / I5
• Burglary resistance according to EN 1627-1630: RC 2-3
EI30: proved combination of bullet resistance according to EN 1522-1523 FB4NS and burglary resistance according to EN 1627-1630

System properties
Extremely slender face width 45 mm, individual profile design and surface treatment
Can be used over several storeys up to a height of 5000 mm
Trouble-free assembly using mechanical T-joints

*Refer to country-specific approvals