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Paglierino clay tile
Paglierino clay tile
Fornace Polirone
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Hard floors-Ceramic flooring
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Ceramic-Floor tiles


All products are handmade, therefore it should be considered normal a tolerability on the dimensions of +/- 1,5%.

On the floors it can show or build up some variations or small holes due to their shaping in wooden mould with the solely manual pressure, therefore it must be considered an essential characteristic of the floor handmade and not as an imperfection.

The ‘cotto padano’ tile is a product of alluvial clay made of layers of clay of different origins, and from different sources. Those characteristics stay even in the tiles and cause the classic hazelnut variations in colours that feature in the real ‘padan’ tiles.

The clay can occasionally contain little calcareous inclusion (calcinelli) and, because we do not use industrial system of refinement in the cob, with time it could happen a detachment of few millimetres on the tile.

For the nature of our clay and the old method of use of cob by us choose, as described as above, it is widely accepted in view to safeguard the characteristic of our handmade tiles.