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Inspired by the elegance that light and slender forms have... this high-performance piece of furniture is extremely attractive due to the simplicity and quality of its design in combination with its versatility and ergonomic structure. Only a chair with such attractive features could be given this name.

Touch has been designed as a highquality chair and thoroughly developed to adapt to all kind of facilities. Thus, a family of work chairs is born, guided by a key concept: versatility. The Touch work chair comes with a high or low backrest, with optional adjustable or fixed arms and with high backrest version with a headrest ideal for users in execu- tive positions. Created in collaboration with Josep Lluscá, Touch has a polypropylene seat core that supports the high-density foam cushion, designed with the optimum comfort of the user in mind. The seat is upholstered with fabric or soft leather and has a polypropylene shell finished in anthracite grey or off-white. These chairs, with a polyamide, polished aluminium or white aluminium pyramidal base, are provided with a pneumatic lift mechanism and a Motion Synchro mechanism, high functional and ergonomic benefits.

With a cantilever armchair frame made with black epoxy or chrome-finished round steel tubes, these Touch chairs share the same features and structure with the rest of the family. The armrests of the chair are made from integral polyurethane.

The Touch program includes a wide range of options to cover all needs at a modern office: task area –high and low backrest–-, executive areas –high backrest and hea- drest– and visitor áreas –cantilever chair–.
Arms, bases and casters:
In order to provide many options, Touch may include black or white fixed arms, 3D or 4D adjustable arms. The polyamide or (polished or white) aluminum pyramidal base with polyamide casters is suitable for all types of floors; alternatively there are soft casters available that prevent damage to more delicate floors (wood, parquet).
Regulation and adjustability:
Synchro Motion is an important step in the evolution of the synchronised mechanisms for task and technical chairs. With a forward tilt axis, Motion provides comfort and eliminates pressure points on legs that other mechanisms often cause. Chairs with Synchro Motion support a wide angle –24° in back, 10o in seat– and a knob that offers a easy and constant resistance for adjusting the tension of the back between 45 and 120 kg.