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The most important decisions in a Company are those which will build a future. The principles of a Company are the pieces which will be remembered as the essence. The strength of those is as important as the message given. Efficiency, leadership, strength and security become the statements which will stay with the company all the way.

Executive offices are made of ebony veneer finish desk together with a central metallic stainless steel pedes- tal. The right hand side of the desk will be supported by a wall panel which will also be the main support for the veneer white lacquered credenza. The space is completed with a cabinet with a combined finish as we named earlier: white lacquered and ebony.

The credenza is the most important element that gives the personality to the range Quórum. Its function is not only storage, it takes part in the cable management as one part (module) of it is just designed for that. The drawer part has a security lock and an optional pencil tray.

The choice of a walnut finish is always a right decision to create a warm and involving space. The finish of the wall panel and the desk top, combines with the black lacquered credenza.

The balance in the different shapes is created by the composition of perpendicular lines and the lightness of the vertebral structure.

Details and quality finishes are very important for an Executive office and its purpose.

Interiorism is the creation of a space combining such factors as furniture, colours, materials, lights, etc. The goal is to give to the space a personal character, functionality and a harmonic balance. The feeling of serenity that is achieved for the image is created by the contrast of the finishes, in oak and black veneer lacquered.

Quórum has an exclusive selection of finishes carefully selected. This way, the program gives the possibility to combine three veneer finishes and two lacquered options.