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Everything starts with an idea that is mature, and in the process a project takes shape. It’s time for the initiative, planning, strategies and decisions ... and persons undertaking, learning, training, lead generation and ultimately the production and sale. In the end, the idea turned into a business, find your space.

The Logos program, designed by Tandem Company, takes form out of pure and simple lines that conflicting grow into quite a comprehensive furniture system. Their settings are relevant from the point of view of designing spaces and tasks within the company. This image shows a set of executive, where Logos shows its most basic forms, creating a warm and calm.

The current trend of the company is based on the creation of open spaces, shared, where communication flows constantly and multilevel. It is part of the strategy to succeed in changing markets, heterogeneous and multidisciplinary. Logos part of this idea, creating useful spaces, and operating current. In the picture, a bench with four positions and supports shared. When you have added since separators, top driving access and wiring trays in order to integrate electronic media at work place.

Production areas and multi-task affect the operational concept and utility. The working space or sha- red, should be part of the same work and in a subtle way assist in day to day. In the picture a benchs of four posts, with dividers colored glass top and bucs access double mat. These credenzas job annexed to facilitate access to the tools, storage and order, but also allow the formation of spontaneous meetings thanks to a mat that allows the seat. In this configuration we have added two tables together to encourage departmental meetings.

The projection of multi departments must have the changes and modifications of the people and the tasks in time. The logos benchs, easy assembly, allow indefinite growth, adding modules to the initial structure. Also, the basic architecture of the program is based on the use of shared pedestals that restrict the use of materials, the overall weight decrease and sof- ten the visual impact and, thus, create light environments and pumice in a lasting aesthetic time.

Given the need for fluency and com- munication, meeting of key importan- ce in the company. They are places for decision making, training, the sharing of ideas and projects, strategy develo- pment and discussion of the results. Logos has a full program of conferen- ce tables which give different solu- tions to the needs of the space. For the first time, also tables grow together and juxtaposed to each other, with a simple system of tapas and shared pedestals that minimize the use of materials and lighten aesthetics. The boardroom tables, as all program settings are electrifiable.