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Igloo represents the great innovation in the segment of hanging spotlights. It is a modular, self-supporting lighting system that features a series of electromechanical connections, curves and spacers for consecutive linking of several units (up to one hundred) to just one power point. The double shell in self-extinguishing plastic technopolymer makes for easy installation of the units, whether vertically or horizontally, and in either case allows for uplighting or downlighting to be chosen during installation. Igloo ensures versatile, infinitely replicable modularity. It uses line voltage Leds as the light source and is suitable for contract installation in the retail, hospitality, office and business sectors, where compositions can be as complex or as simple as required, or in homes, with a more decorative effect. Versatility is the key to this product as it makes diffused lighting possible in rooms of any size and can meet any lighting requirement. Light emission can be adjusted with standard dimmers for Led light sources. In addition to the individual units with opaline diffusor and Led bulb, the system also includes blind units with no bulb. The latter have a cover painted in the same RAL colour as the body and should be installed pointing upwards. The units are supplied open and cannot be altered once closed. One suspension kit with steel wires is needed every 4 units and just one power kit (with module, transparent cable and canopy in the same colour as the module) every 100 modules. The units are available in RAL colours white grey GC (RAL 9002 )and dark gray GS (RAL 7015).

Suspension lamp. The module is in self-extinguishing technopolymer plastic, available in RAL colours white grey GC (RAL 9002 ) and dark grey GS (RAL 7015 ). Quantities exceeding 30 units can be ordered in RAL or RAL DESIGN colours chosen by the client. The hanging wires are in steel. The power cable is transparent. The canopy is in the same colour as the unit. The lamp is fitted with line voltage Led and light emission can be adjusted with standard dimmers for Led light sources. It is available in a single downlighting version, in a 3- or 5-unit inline version, with fixed downlighting for the end units and either all downlighting for the central ones or alternate downand uplighting, in a 4-unit version with all-downlighting or down-and uplighting units and in a 5-unit vertical version, with all units pointing in the same direction. They all come with templates for easy installation.