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1950 switch
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Anthracite & Moonlight Crystal

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The new 1950 Collection has been designed with brass materials to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Fontini. These new mechanisms remind the aesthetic of the first range that Fontini created in 1950. Manufactured with the highest quality standards that requires the actual norms, this new Collection brings elegance & exclusivity to every home interior. These mechanisms can be combined with domotic systems or can be used for conventional electrical installations. This range also offers various commemorative exclusive limited editions of the 60th Anniversary. Finishes: Nickel-plated, golden, antique bronze, patinated cooper, antic cooper.

The 1950 Collection of Fontini presents a new line of Jewel Switches. Using Art as a part of this switches collection and convert every space in beauty are the main characteristics of this new line of products. The Jewel Switches by Fontini represent the “Haute Couture” of interior design. These electrical mechanisms in metal are custom-built. It is possible to choose the finishes, the formats and the colours of the exclusive SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. This range is very huge and customized: you could create your own light jewel, a unique electrical mechanism with different finishes as golden metal, antique bronze, anthracite or nickel-plated. These products shine by the glamour and magical brilliance of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

The Jewel Switch offers an elegance touch thanks to its exquisite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS which present various tonalities, from the darkest Black Diamond, to the clearest Cristal Moonlight, passing by more audacious shades like the azure blue of the Indian Saphire, the deep yellow of the Light Colorado Topaz or the passion red of the Indian Red. The Jewel Switches are the last touch to a meticulous interior design project. They create luxurious interiors, pure and sophisticated atmospheres. Fontini makes reality your dreams.